Board and Train Program for Pups

The Good Puppy Program of Calypso Canine is ideal for pet owners who want to have their furry pal trained at a young age. We offer this program to owners living in Loxahatchee, West Palm Beach and the surrounding areas. The training teaches your furry pup compliance, with the objective of establishing foundation obedience. If your puppy is 12 weeks old or younger, we encourage you to enroll your pet for training.

Program Overview

We consider puppies babies. When we conduct puppy training, we keep all our sessions as positive as possible. We focus on:

  • Socialization — Dogs are social creatures. Puppy socialization helps prevent behavior issues and raises the chances that your dog will become a lifelong companion and a great pet.
  • Basic Manners — We teach your new pup manners to get them started on the right paw and help get your new family member under control.
  • Crate Training — This offers puppies a safe means to avoid inappropriate elimination in the home and a place to escape excessive handling by kids.
  • Crate Games — Our team employs games that teach your pup to go into their crate and relax. This minimizes the likelihood of anxiety when you leave for work or vacation.
  • Name Familiarity — We teach your puppy to be familiar with their name using positive reinforcement. If we call your pup’s name, they’ll stop what they’re doing and look at us for direction.
  • Acceptance Handling — Our staff trains your puppy to accept handling in a positive way. We make your pet feel comfortable during activities, such as bathing, tooth brushing and nail clipping. 
  • Puppy Obedience — We introduce your pup to leash walking. On top of that, we teach your pet basic commands like down and sit.
  • Puppy Climbing — We teach your furry friend to climb onto and remain on an elevated cot or dog bed.
  • Grooming — Our staff takes care of your pup’s hygiene. We trim their nails and bathe them, so they stay clean for the duration of the training program.
  • Canine Accessories — We provide your puppy with a place cot, a leash and a collar. Our staff will use these accessories during training.

Have a dog that’s 12 weeks old or older?We recommend enrolling your pet inour good dog program.

Why Choose Calypso Canine

Why pick us over other puppy training service providers?

  • Good Dog Program Discount — If your pup successfully finishes our training program, we’ll offer you a price reduction on our good dog program.
  • Five-Star Reviews — Our glowing Google reviews are a testament to the quality of our dog training.
  • Money-Back Guarantee — We stand behind our puppy training 100 percent. We’ll give your money back if you’re not satisfied with the results.
  • Excellent Training Venue and Environment — We keep puppies in our indoor, climate-regulated boarding and training room. On top of that, they get lots of playtime and potty breaks.

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