Q. Where do the Dogs Stay While Boarding & Training
The dogs stay with us in a temperature controlled boarding room on our homes property where we go in and out all day long training them, giving them socialization and play time outside in our fully fenced play yard, and taking them for potty breaks. They also come inside our home to learn house manners around our children and our own pets.

Q. How many dog trainers do you have
The answer is 1 Dog Trainer. Yes only 1 and thats the owner who will be training your dog personally and nobody else. There is no staff of people. We are family owned, a Husband and Wife business that takes care and pride in EVERY SINGLE dog we train.

Q. Do you offer in home training or Group Classes
We ONLY offer in home training for puppies 8-15 weeks old. This is an age where the foundation obedience can be done from as its VERY BASIC and easy to keep up with for the owners. Potty training also needs to be started properly in the home environment. There is a lot of fun training and foundation that can be done while you bond with your puppy as they mature to around 16 weeks old when they can get into our full Dream Dog Program.

We don’t offer any classes or in home training for dogs over 16 weeks old because frankly it doesn’t work as well and costs more in the end if you are actually training with a trainer at home 14 days in a row everyday. Board and train is consistent. The dogs are trained routinely every day and they retain the information much more when its consistent daily multiple times per day. When you have an in home trainer come to the house they come for an hour. The dog trains for less than half of that and your stuck trying to figure out the rest all week or until the next session along with possibly undoing what the trainer was training the dog to do because after all you’re not a dog trainer. Then next session you spend half the time trying to fix what was taught the previous session before you can move on. This gets dragged on for months and in the end you spent more and the dog learned less. 

Q. What if I don’t plan to walk my dog off leash.
The 10 day Dream Dog program is the most popular program. We also offer a 14 day Adventure Dog program  ( Some dogs many not qualify for this program ) which demonstrates complete leash heeling. While you may not plan to walk the dog off leash the dream dog program makes for the most well rounded dog even in the home. Hyper dogs, stubborn dogs, & large dogs will all be so much more respectful of your commands also when you don’t have the leash attached. Breaking dogs of counter surfing, chewing on furniture and shoes, getting in the trash, jumping on guests is all more reliable with remote collar training. Rather than being married to a leash to control your dog you simply have to just use the collar we trained them with and they will behave.

Q. Do you guarantee the training will work for my dog.
Yes, the training is 100% fully guaranteed. We stand behind our training 100% and offer lifetime support. You can come back in person anytime at no charge to go over any future issues you are having. 

Q. Will you train my dog regardless of breed or issues
Yes, We will train any age dog, any breed, any size.. If you have been told your dog is too stubborn, too old, too hyper, too independent by previous trainers. WE CAN HELP YOU TOO!!! Our program works for shy dogs, hyper dogs, stubborn dogs, dogs that have previous training that DID NOT WORK.. We guarantee our balanced training methods WILL WORK 100% or you pay nothing!!!

Q. How often will I have to train my dog after completing the program
You wont have to TRAIN the dog after graduating our program. Thats the beauty of us doing all the work for you in a board and train. The training is done and now all you have to do is MAINTAIN & be CONSISTENT with the dog going forward and they can only get better never worse.. What this means is you just have to enforce the commands we taught the dog and use the tools we provide you with each program.. This means USE your place cot we include, use your training collar etc. 

Q. Will my puppy / dog be the same upbeat and happy dog after training
Yes!!! Watch our videos and look at the dogs in training with their tail wagging and ears up excited to train and obey the commands. You and your dog will have an even better bond once things are clear and black and white so the dog isn’t confused by your hollering or yelling to sit, stay, come etc.. We make the commands and what is expected very CLEAR so the dog makes the right decisions on what to do and you don’t have to holler and yell and ask 5x for them do something. 

Q. How is Payment made & How do i sign up
We accept all major credit cards, Cash, and check.. We take a small deposit to reserve your future training spot as we are always booked out. We require a 50% payment on drop off and the balance when you pickup the dog and are 100% satisfied with the training your dog has received.. If you are not 100% happy we want to know so we can make sure you are 100% happy. We stand behind our word and our training.