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Are you having issues training your 8-16wk old puppy and just don’t have the time for classes?? Let us come to you.

Does your puppy or dog refuse to come to you when you call them off leash?? Dream Dog is for you!!

Are you going away on Vacation and Need to Board Your Dog? Why not Get them trained at the same time!!

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Good Puppy  ( Under 16 Weeks )

Just a cutie. 10wk old pit bull x husky mix. Learning to stay on place.

We consider puppies babies. When we conduct puppy training, we keep all our sessions as positive as possible. This program is an IN HOME program where we come to you once a week for 4 weeks to get your pup the right start. Included in the training package are:

  • Socialization — Dogs are social creatures. Puppy socialization helps prevent behavior issues and raises the chances that your dog will become a lifelong companion and a great pet.
  • Basic Manners — We teach your new pup manners to get them started on the right paw and help get your new family member under control.
  • Crate / Potty Training — This offers puppies a safe means to avoid inappropriate elimination in the home and a place to escape excessive handling by kids.
  • Crate Games — Our team employs games that teach your pup to go into their crate and relax. This minimizes the likelihood of anxiety when you leave for work or vacation.
  • Name Familiarity — We teach your puppy to be familiar with their name using positive reinforcement. If we call your pup’s name, they’ll stop what they’re doing and look at us for direction.
  • Acceptance Handling — Our staff trains your puppy to accept handling in a positive way. We make your pet feel comfortable during activities, such as bathing, tooth brushing and nail clipping.
  • Puppy Obedience — We introduce your pup to leash walking and basic sit command.
  • Place Introduction — We teach your furry friend to climb onto and remain on an elevated cot we provide you.
  • Canine Accessories — We provide your puppy with a place cot, a leash and a collar. Our staff will use these accessories during training.

Have a dog that’s 16 weeks old or older? We recommend you discuss our Dream Dog Program which is the most complete program.


Dream Dog Program

This program is suitable for dogs that are at least 16 weeks old in most cases. In this 3 week program, your dog will learn to obey basic and advanced commands. This program is our most popular program and is 100% guaranteed satisfaction. This is the ONLY program you’ll need to do to set you and your dog up for years of enjoyment together without the frustration of a dog that doesn’t listen well. We train around HIGH LEVELS of distractions. Watch our videos in the gallery to understand the level of obedience to expect when trusting us to train your dog. Included in the training package are:

  • Obedience Commands — We start with simple instructions, such as sit, down, leave it, wait at the door, and how to greet people without jumping.
  • Leash Walking — We walk your dog on a loose leash and teach them to sit automatically when we stop. With this training, you won’t have to pull your pet to get them to walk and they will NOT pull you. GUARANTEED
  • Place — We teach your furry friend to climb onto and stay on a raised cot. This training is great for pet owners who don’t want their pooch to bother guests coming over for a visit. When eating dinner, answering the door and when you don’t want the dog under your feet.
  • OFF LEASH Solid Recall — This means when you call your dogs name inside the house or outside of the house they come the 1st time you call their name. Even around distractions they will come to you. YES even stubborn dogs. YES all breeds and ages.
  • Progress Update — Every week, we will send you updates (in the form of videos and pictures) highlighting the behavioral improvements of your canine pal.
  • Grooming — When you leave your dog with us, we make sure they stay clean throughout the 3 week boot camp. We trim their nails and give them baths regularly.
  • Canine Accessories — Your dog gets to enjoy using a place cot, leash and collar (a $300 value).


Adventure Dog Program

This program is for dog owners whose goals are to socialize their dogs in public places around distractions such as parks, outdoor restaurants and shopping malls etc. We take daily field trips with your dog to expose them to noisy city streets with traffic, crowds, & dogs. We can custom tailor this program to suit your needs based on what type of activities you enjoy doing with your dog. A few of the features you’ll find with this program are:

  • Field trips — We take your dog to public places that allow access to pets. Home depot, outdoor shopping, restaurants with outdoor seating, parks, busy public areas with crowds and other dogs.
  • Load Up —We train your dog to jump into your vehicle to travel with you. We recommend a travel crate for their safety.
  • Obedience Commands – Walking on leash with complete manners in all situations. No jumping on people. Extended down stay in public places.
  • Dog Accessories — Your dog is trained to use a place cot and a remote training collar for distance lessons ($300 value).

What Sets Us Apart from Other Dog Training Companies

Take a look at what gives us an edge over other dog training service providers:

  • All Training Guaranteed for Life — We guarantee our services 100 percent. If you’re dissatisfied with our dog board and train program for any reason, we’ll refund your money. Customer satisfaction is our #1 goal.
  • Distractions Training — We train under high levels of distractions. Much different than sitting quietly in a room with a treat in hand doing obedience. We EXPECT your dog to perform the commands even while around dogs, people, strangers, traffic etc..
  • Free Refresher Training during Future Boarding — Apart from the standard boarding costs, we conduct training refreshers at no extra charge.
  • Approachable Staff — You’ll be talking directly to the trainers working with your pet. You’re free to approach them anytime.
  • Outstanding Reviews — We have many five-star, glowing reviews on Google written by satisfied pet owners.

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