Behavior Modification Program for Dogs

Besides providing dog obedience training, Canine Calypso offers dog behavior modification in Loxahatchee, West Palm Beach and the surrounding areas. Our program helps solve minor canine behavioral issues and prevents them from escalating into bigger problems. Whether your pet is a mature dog or a puppy, you can count on us to conduct canine behavior modification tailored to you and your pet’s needs.

Dog Behavioral Issues that Pet Owners Need to Fix

Owners should always make an effort to control their dog’s behavior to prevent it from getting worse. Many adverse actions or habits could develop into forms of aggression.

A few of the common behavioral issues that dog owners should resolve are the following:

  • Excessive barking — This action causes discomfort for everyone involved.
  • Leash pulling — A leash puller could break away from your grip and pose a danger to their safety and the safety of others.
  • Mounting — This action suggests a lack of respect toward other dogs’ comfort or personal space.

When you take your pooch to our training facility, our team will fix these behaviors to enable you and your furry friend to live a better life at home. 

Our Training Process

We first ask you about the problem you’re facing with your furry pal. Our professionals then observe your dog’s behavior. From this point, we identify the attitudes that require adjustment and recommend approaches to achieve ideal canine behavior modification. Through clear communication and structure, your pet will understand our implemented rules as we set your furry pal up for success.

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